Junaid World offers a huge portfolio of Pipes and Pipe Fittings that suit every application, ranging from super compact HDPE to uPVC pipes and pipe fittings. We serve as wholesaler and retailer of the Hepworth and Cosmoplast Pipes and Pipe fittings in Dubai from our local facility and our own retail store located in Dubai. We are authorized supplier and reseller of all pipes and pipe fittings in Dubai which ensures that every pipes and pipe fittings we provide is of premium quality, professionalism and focus on customer satisfaction, which remains the backbone of our company.

We maintain adequate stock of a diverse range of pipes and pipe fittings and our consultants help contractors and customers to suggest the pipes and pipe fittings for their requirement. Our 25+ years of experience in Dubai and understanding of the private and commercial needs of customers for pipes and pipe fittings in Dubai is an advantage to our customers in getting the right product for their specific needs. An important consideration when buying pipes and pipe fittings is its durability, warranty and safety. This is where the Hepworth and Cosmoplast brands excel over the competition. Not only are Hepworth and Cosmoplast pipes and pipe fittings beautifully designed, but comes with a long life guarantee. Hepworth and Cosmoplast are the global experts in all pipes and pipe fittings products respectively, providing people around the world, and high quality solutions for their comfort.

Thanks to its global expertise and deep understanding of consumers’ needs, it has been consistently greeted with trust by millions of families around the world. Hepworth and Cosmoplast are also appreciated by experts and professionals for the effort in redesigning its products to make all steps of installation and maintenance simpler and quicker.


Hepworth is part of Corys Building Materials, a holding company based in Dubai, UAE, which manages two other leading regional construction and building materials businesses: Corys Build Centre and Corys Geosynthetics


ATLAS PLASTIC FACTORY L. L. C. (an ISO 9001:2000 certified company), is one of the oldest industry in the U. A. E. for UPVC pipes. It has been established in the year 1975 and has been pioneering industry in manufacturing UPVC pipes for sewer drain, drainage, pressure pipes for water purpose and also the electrical conduit and telephone ducts. It belongs to a prestigious group of industries, which is one of the largest and most diversified business conglomerates in the UAE and sub continent.


Cosmoplast is a leading plastics manufacturer that incorporates its values of service and reliability with quality products. Founded in 1970, Cosmoplast pioneered the supply of building materials, infrastructure products and consumer goods in the emerging markets of the Middle East. At the outset, Cosmoplast started with the production of transport crates and polyethylene bags and today the company has grown to be the Middle East’s largest and most diversified pipe and well casing manufacturer. Renowned for the product range that includes plastic household and outdoor appliances, disposable tableware, aluminum, cling film, paper products, hygienic products, containers, packaging, and pipes and fittings that are sold in retail outlets, hypermarkets, supermarkets, sporting goods, hardware and specialty stores in more than 65 countries worldwide. Cosmoplast’s headquarters are based in the United Arab Emirates with complete manufacturing facilities in the United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United States of America, and CIS that convert over 220,000 metric tons of plastic material into finished goods each year in state-of-the-art facilities. With over 5,000 personnel employed throughout the Middle East and Europe, the key to the company’s success is a combination of superior leadership and a diverse workforce who are dedicated to innovation, quality and customer satisfaction.


TERRAIN pioneered the development of solvent-weld systems over 50 years ago and we are recognised worldwide for our premium product range and knowledge. Our soil and waste products have set the industry benchmark for quality, installation, flexibility, product innovation and technical expertise.