Rak Therm uPVC Pipes & Fittings Distributors in UAE

Junaid Group is the authorized Rak Therm uPVC pipes & fittings suppliers UAE with having experience in plumbing materials for 10 years. Most certainly, we are the authorized distributor of renowned brands in many top brands in UAE. Therefore, we are leading the UAE market for plumbing materials by maintaining trust and healthy relationship

Largest Supplier for Rak Therm in UAE

We are the largest supplier for uPVC and PPR products in UAE ranging from top brands to low cost brands. In other words, keep quality in mind, even our low cost brands have premium quality. Certainly, our warehouse storage is very large when compared to other plumbing suppliers in UAE market. Not only in UAE market but also we have presence in 20+ countries.

Rak Therm Suppliers UAE - Junaid

RAKtherm is the leading manufacturer of uPVC pipes and fittings in the UAE. They manufacture pipes & fittings for all your plumbing needs. Above all, they are in the UAE market for more than 50 years and were established in 1963. In addition, being a pioneer in the market, they maufacture pipes in top quality. Their corporate headquarter is located in United Arab Emirates. Moreover, they are the first and largest PPR and PEX systems in Middle East.

They have been honoured as “The most eminent high-end global manufacturer of piping systems technology”

With continuous effort in finding solutions to the major challenges in the MEP industry, they established themselves highly recognized in the piping industry.

Supplier for Rak Therm Pipes & Fittings

We, Junaid Group have been believed as the No. 1 dealer for Rak Therm in UAE. Its not just earned in days, we have earned respect and trust for many years. We have a range of their products in stock with warehouse storage of 54,180.25 sq. ft. The intensified above-ground and below-ground uPVC system of Rak Therm have multi-layer reinforced rubber joint. Most importantly, they can withstand upto 70°C.

In conclusion, Junaid Group is authorized dealer for Rak Therm uPVC pipes & fittings suppliers UAE. We are leading the UAE market for plumbing materials since 1994. Junaid Group has seven branches focusing on five divisions namely Sanitary, Export, Contracting, Retail and Facility Management. For enquiries, contact us here.

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