leading plumbing suppliers in uae

Leading Plumbing Suppliers in UAE

Junaid Group is one of the leading plumbing suppliers in UAE offering the best price in the market. We deal with all plumbing related items. Moreover, we are the authorized dealer of many top brands in the world. Non-metallic materials in contact with drinking water must confirm to British Standard BS-6920 to address regulations regarding prevention of contamination of the drinking water supply. We have BS-6920 certified plumbing valves. Our plumbing products range from Chilled water valves, uPVC, PPR, GI, Copper pipes and fittings to Water heaters and water pumps.

leading plumbing suppliers uae

Junaid Group is the leading plumbing suppliers in UAE for more than 20 years. We are the authorized dealer for Pegler, UK, Enolgas, FAF, Herz, FLowflex, ESBE and Jomix. Jomix is a product owned by Junaid Group where technology and engineering come together to create solutions for various applications without compromising the quality.

We deal with uPVC and HDPE pipes and Fittings and have been certified by many Technical Services Company as the Best Supplier in UAE. Not only we offer the best quality products but also the best price in the market. Our prices are cheaper when you compare to other suppliers in UAE. That’s why we are the leading plumbing suppliers in UAE.

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ppr suppliers uae

The most wanted water supply sytem in UAE is PPR because of its durability and long lasting capability. We have the best brands in the market available in our stock. We have large quantity of Cosmoplast PPR pipes and fittings available in stock so that we can supply you based on your needs without any hassle.

Junaid Group has been approved as the authorized supplier for Wednesbury copper tubes which can be used for plumbing. Not only we supply copper pipes but also all types of copper fittings. In addition, we have been supplying Conex copper fittings for extra durability. Copper pipes and fittings brands which we deal have been certified by ISO 9001: 2015.

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gi pipes supplier uae

Junaid Group offers a huge portfolio of GI pipes and fittings that suit every application. Therefore, we serve as the leading GI pipe wholesalers, retailers and suppliers in UAE

Above all, today our company has grown to be the largest & leading plumbing suppliers in UAE because of the trust we have developed with our buyers. For enquires, contact us here

solar water heater in dubai

Future of Solar Energy in UAE

The future of Solar energy in UAE is very bright because it is emerging as the most preferable renewable energy in the world. Solar energy can be utilized very easily just by installing solar panels at home, office or at any places within a small place. Whereas other renewable sources like wind or tidal require a large space for installation.

Future of Solar Energy in UAE

solar energy future

The main application of Solar energy is use of Solar panels in Solar water heaters. Solar water heaters are considered to be the future of water heaters. In another 10 years, we believe that we would see electric water heaters being replaced by solar water heaters. and all over world because we can save lot of money compared to electric water heaters.

In a single hour, the sun transmits more energy to the earth’s surface than the entire world consumes in a year. Given that UAE is blessed and fortunate enough to receive the most sunshine throughout the year which makes perfect sense when it comes to solar energy. Whether helping homeowners realize the cost savings and the benefits of solar power, partnering with local businesses to become more energy efficient or making a difference in our communities, we’re passionately dedicated to preserve the environment and culture in which we all work, play and love. We are wholly committed to deliver clean energy solutions that are customized to serve anywhere in UAE with personal service and creative installation options.

We (Junaid Group) are the authorized supplier of leading Solar Water Heater brands in Dubai and all over United Arab Emirates. We have huge quantity in stock so that we can deliver you without delay. For enquiries, contact us on marketing@juniad.ae & Call or WhatsApp us on +971 56 370 6674

Moreover, we also deal with supply of plumbing materials such as PPR, uPVC, valves, copper, GI pipes & fittings and sanitary wares such as kitchen sinks, bathroom fittings since 1994. You can also check out our brands and affiliations.