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Junaid Group offers a huge portfolio of Pipes and Pipe Fittings that suit every application, ranging from super compact HDPE to uPVC pipes and pipe fittings. We serve as wholesaler and retailer of the Hepworth and Cosmoplast Pipes and Pipe fittings in Dubai from our local facility and our own retail store located in all over UAE.

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Here is the list of UPVC, HP, HDPE PIPES & FITTINGS brands we deal with:

GI PIPES & FITTINGS – Junaid Group

Junaid Group serves as No.1 GI pipes supplier UAE offering a huge portfolio that suit every application. Our products ranging from super compact indoor to outdoor GI pipes and fittings. Many renowned brands around the world have been certified as the authorized supplier and reseller. Above all, we ensure that every GI pipes and fittings we provide is of premium quality, professionalism and focus on customer satisfaction,
which remains the backbone of our company.

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Here is the list of GI pipes and fittings brands we deal with:

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