rak therm upvc pipes & fittings suppliers uae

Rak Therm uPVC Pipes & Fittings Suppliers UAE

Junaid Group is the authorized Rak Therm uPVC pipes & fittings suppliers UAE with having experience in plumbing materials for 10 years. Most certainly, we are the authorized distributor of renowned brands in many top brands in UAE. Therefore, we are leading the UAE market for plumbing materials by maintaining trust and healthy relationship

Largest Supplier for Rak Therm in UAE

We are the largest supplier for uPVC and PPR products in UAE ranging from top brands to low cost brands. In other words, keep quality in mind, even our low cost brands have premium quality. Certainly, our warehouse storage is very large when compared to other plumbing suppliers in UAE market. Not only in UAE market but also we have presence in 20+ countries.

raktherm upvc pipes suppliers uae

Rak Therm Suppliers UAE - Junaid

RAKtherm is the leading manufacturer of uPVC pipes and fittings in UAE. They manufacture pipes & fittings for all your plumbing needs. Above all, they are in UAE market for more than 50 years which was established in 1963. In addition, being a pioneer in the market, they maufacture pipes in top quality. Their corporate headquarter is located in United Arab Emirates. Moreover, they are the first and largest PPR and PEX systems in Middle East.

They have been honoured as “The most eminent high-end global manufacturer of piping systems technology”

With continuous effort in finding solutions to the major challenges in the MEP industry, they established themselves highly recognized in the piping industry.

Supplier for Rak Therm Pipes & Fittings

We, Junaid Group have been believed as the No. 1 dealer for Rak Therm in UAE. Its not just earned in days, we have earned respect and trust for many years. We have all range of their products in stock with a warehouse storage of 45,000+ sq. ft. The intensified above ground and below ground uPVC system of Rak Therm have multi-layer reinforced rubber joint. Most importantly, they can withstand upto 70°C.

In conclusion, Junaid Group is authorized dealer for Rak Therm uPVC pipes & fittings suppliers UAE. We are leading the UAE market for plumbing materials since 1994. Junaid Group has seven branches focusing on five divisions namely Sanitary, Export, Contracting, Retail and Facility Management. For enquiries, contact us here.

cosmoplast pipes & fittings supplier in uae

Cosmoplast Pipes & Fittings Supplier in UAE

Junaid Group is one of the cosmoplast pipes & fittings supplier in UAE offering the best price in the market. We are well known in UAE market as the best & trustworthy supplier for cosmoplast. 

cosmoplast pipes supplier in uae

We hold huge stock in our warehouse ranging from all sizes of pipes to all types of fittings. Not only PPR pipes & fittings, but also we have uPVC pipes and fittings. Most importantly, Junaid Group has six branches in Dubai and presence in 20 countries. on the other hand, we have 60+ employees to serve and four numbers of 3 ton pickups delivering all over UAE.

cosmoplast pipes & fittings supplier in uae

Cosmoplast Supplier in UAE

Established in 1970, Cosmoplast is the main plastics maker that joins its estimations of administration and dependability with quality items. Cosmoplast spearheaded the gracefully of building materials in the developing business sectors of the Middle East.

History of Cosmoplast

Firstly, Cosmoplast began with the creation of transport containers and polyethylene packs. However, today the organization has become the Middle East’s biggest piping system manufacturer. Morever, famous for items that incorporates family unit such as paper items, clean items, holders and bundling. Not only, their items are sold in retail outlets but also in hypermarkets. As a result, they are in excess of 65 nations around the world.

Why Cosmoplast is the best manufaturer in UAE?

The organization’s main head office situated in the United Arab Emirates with complete unit. Certainly, assembling offices are located in UAE, KSA, USA, and CIS. These assembly units have capability to convert more than 220,000 metric huge loads of plastic material into completed merchandise every year. Further, with more than 5,000 staff utilized all through the Middle East and Europe, the way in to the organization’s prosperity is a mix of unrivaled initiative and an assorted labor force who are devoted to development, quality and consumer loyalty. Junaid Group has been authorized as the leading supplier for cosmoplast pipes and fittings in UAE

Above all, Junaid has been established as the authorized cosmoplast pipes & fittings supplier in UAE with 45,000+ warehouse storage space. Carrying a legacy of 25 years, we provide a reliable and healthy business channel partnership for the supply of building materials. Our building materials are plumbing materials, sanitary wares, water heaters, valves fittings, manhole covers, copper pipes & fittings and GI pipes & fittings. In conclusion, offering the widest range of products and services at competitive prices, we are the preferred choice for our customers. 

Not only Cosmoplast, we are also the leading supplier of many renowned brands in UAE. For enquiries, contact us here.

leading plumbing suppliers in uae

Leading Plumbing Suppliers in UAE

Junaid Group is one of the leading plumbing suppliers in UAE offering the best price in the market. We deal with all plumbing related items. Moreover, we are the authorized dealer of many top brands in the world. Non-metallic materials in contact with drinking water must confirm to British Standard BS-6920 to address regulations regarding prevention of contamination of the drinking water supply. We have BS-6920 certified plumbing valves. Our plumbing products range from Chilled water valves, uPVC, PPR, GI, Copper pipes and fittings to Water heaters and water pumps.

leading plumbing suppliers uae

Junaid Group is the leading plumbing suppliers in UAE for more than 20 years. We are the authorized dealer for Pegler, UK, Enolgas, FAF, Herz, FLowflex, ESBE and Jomix. Jomix is a product owned by Junaid Group where technology and engineering come together to create solutions for various applications without compromising the quality.

We deal with uPVC and HDPE pipes and Fittings and have been certified by many Technical Services Company as the Best Supplier in UAE. Not only we offer the best quality products but also the best price in the market. Our prices are cheaper when you compare to other suppliers in UAE. That’s why we are the leading plumbing suppliers in UAE.

upvc pipes suppliers uae
ppr suppliers uae

The most wanted water supply sytem in UAE is PPR because of its durability and long lasting capability. We have the best brands in the market available in our stock. We have large quantity of Cosmoplast PPR pipes and fittings available in stock so that we can supply you based on your needs without any hassle.

Junaid Group has been approved as the authorized supplier for Wednesbury copper tubes which can be used for plumbing. Not only we supply copper pipes but also all types of copper fittings. In addition, we have been supplying Conex copper fittings for extra durability. Copper pipes and fittings brands which we deal have been certified by ISO 9001: 2015.

copper pipes suppliers
gi pipes supplier uae

Junaid Group offers a huge portfolio of GI pipes and fittings that suit every application. Therefore, we serve as the leading GI pipe wholesalers, retailers and suppliers in UAE

Above all, today our company has grown to be the largest & leading plumbing suppliers in UAE because of the trust we have developed with our buyers. For enquires, contact us here