Junaid World consists of a comprehensive collection of Grohe Bathroom Fittings in UAE. Grohe has a rich tradition of creating market-leading products. Grohe has expanded its core competencies by acquiring the skill and experience of innovative enterprises. All our range of Bathroom Fittings in UAE has a perfect look to withstand numerous endurance test. We are the authorized dealer of Grohe Bathroom Fittings in UAE which stands for high quality and durability.  At Grohe’s life testing laboratories in Black Forest, our products are put through their paces and shown no mercy. Our Brassware, shower and thermostat and all components that go with them have to endure the simulated effects of 20 years daily use with especially hard water. The quality of Grohe Bathroom fittings goes well beyond an article’s normal life cycle’, and should a certain product be discontinued, replacement parts remain available for a minimum of ten years.

Junaid World consists of a comprehensive collection of Bathroom Fittings in UAE. Our Bathroom Fittings distributors is providing long lasting bathroom fittings, which are satisfying many customers in Middle East. Our products Bathroom Fittings in UAE are subject to use tests after rigorous testing that allow us to have confidence in the quality of each tap and an exemplary presentation. The company also offers prompt delivery and great attention to customer needs, always making the greatest effort to satisfy their requirement and provide customization. In order to constantly guarantee the high standard of our product we use carefully selected, well established European Standards and combined with the best German Technology and Quality ensuring processes, modern European Machines and proven understanding of the Local Market.


JOMIX is a brand created under JSEMT in 2000, a comprehensive collection of sanitary wares and plumbing products. Over a decade, JOMIX has strived and successfully set up marketing & distribution by upholding high quality products featuring each design which appear fashion and excellent taste from function to shape.


Effepi’s roots lie in artisanal and family traditions, to which incessant innovation in matters of style, together with constant and careful technological up-dating, have been added over the years. A company that operates both in Italy and internationally, its crowning achievement is the winning combination of aesthetic taste and product reliability.


GROHE has a rich tradition of creating market-leading products. GROHE has expanded its core competencies by acquiring the skills and experience of innovative enterprises. Each new acquisition has made a new know-how incorporated in the portfolio. The best example is Carl Nestler: founded in 1873, the company had already earned a reputation as a faucet-maker in the early years and developed the new thermostat technology with advanced optimisations. The company has been part of GROHE since 1956 and to this day the thermostats still remain an important part of the GROHE product portfolio. They influence the corporate DNA of GROHE. Time after time, more pioneering companies have been brought into the GROHE Group to strengthen the business as part of our drive to offer consumers the latest and best technology. Masters of Technology GROHE’s people have been regarded by their peers in the industry as Masters of Technology, because of their innovations, outstanding design and award winning fittings. By a combination of their advanced craftsmanship and their cutting-edge approach to effective teamwork and processes, our Masters of Technology take the lead in developing, designing and manufacturing our outstanding product range, all the while testing and fine-tuning each piece to ensure continued customer satisfaction.


 The company is a synergetic combination of two leaders in the field of design, manufacturing and marketing KLUDI, a high-profile German manufacturer in kitchen and bathroom fittings and RAK CERAMICS, the world largest ceramic manufacturer with a significant market share in the ceramic & bathroom fittings industry.

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Ctesi is a Portuguese brand of the Barros e Moreira group, which presents a wide range of modern accessories and accessories for bathrooms. Combining functionality and design, Ctesi’s range includes all kinds of accessories and complements: mirrors, taps and mixers for bathroom and kitchen, showers and towel racks. CTESI GREEN is our contribution to a more sustainable planet. Our models already come equipped with economizing cartridges, which reduce the consumption of water without changing the pressure. Effortlessly and comfortably, opt for timed faucets or energy-saving cartridges, at home or in a public space.

E. G. Kistenmacher

E.G. Kistenmacher GmbH & Co. KG – located in Germany’s largest harbor and export city, Hamburg – is a trading and marketing company specialized in the supply of Sanitary Fittings, Hardware & Tools, Electrical Installation Material, Lighting Equipment, Garage Equipment, and Auto spare Parts.