RAKtherm is a versatile, and comprehensive system for delivery of water and other fluids, used in applications of pressurized hot and cold water delivery as well as under floor heating in all modern residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. RAKtherm® offers the widest range of PP-R and it’s complimentary PE-X piping systems in the Middle East and North Africa, including Multilayer oxygen barrier pipes and Aluminium composite pipes in addition to the conventional piping systems.


Cosmoplast is a leading plastics manufacturer that incorporates its values of service and reliability with quality products. Founded in 1970, Cosmoplast pioneered the supply of building materials, infrastructure products and consumer goods in the emerging markets of the Middle East. At the outset, Cosmoplast started with the production of transport crates and polyethylene bags and today the company has grown to be the Middle East’s largest and most diversified pipe and well casing manufacturer. Renowned for the product range that includes plastic household and outdoor appliances, disposable tableware, aluminum, cling film, paper products, hygienic products, containers, packaging, and pipes and fittings that are sold in retail outlets, hypermarkets, supermarkets, sporting goods, hardware and specialty stores in more than 65 countries worldwide. Cosmoplast’s headquarters are based in the United Arab Emirates with complete manufacturing facilities in the United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United States of America, and CIS that convert over 220,000 metric tons of plastic material into finished goods each year in state-of-the-art facilities. With over 5,000 personnel employed throughout the Middle East and Europe, the key to the company’s success is a combination of superior leadership and a diverse workforce who are dedicated to innovation, quality and customer satisfaction.

Wavin Pilsa

Wavin Middle East has successfully supplied and introduced a wide range of plastic pipe systems for building and infrastructure projects in the region during the last 20 years. We provide plastic pipe systems and solutions for tap water, surface heating and cooling, soil and waste, rain- and stormwater, distribution of drinking water and gas and telecom applications. Wavin Middle East has its headquarters in Dubai and represents the Group in the Middle East and North Africa. We sell our products and systems directly to projects and through our network of distributors,  agents and licensed partners. The Wavin Group headquarters are in Zwolle in The Netherlands. We have a direct presence in over 25 countries with some 30 manufacturing sites. We employ approximately 5500 people and have annual revenues of around €1.2 billion. Since 2012 Wavin is part of the Mexichem Group, the Latin American leader in pipe systems and petrochemicals. Wavin’s European leadership, local presence, commitment to innovation and technical support, all benefit our customers. We consistently achieve the highest sustainability standards and ensure total reliability of supply to support our customers to achieve their objectives. Read more about the Wavin Group on www.wavin.com.


ALMATHERM Pipes & Fittings is a subsidiary company of almanit sanitary gmbh in Hamburg – Germany. They specialized in supplying piping products and fittings for plastic piping systems of pressure and hot water (heating) distribution. Their production and inspection is effected strictly according to Germany and European standards. For the PPR system production, they claim that they only use the highest-quality materials granulate with high molecular weight and highly heat stabilized; Colour: gray/green. The raw material used is in compliance with the recommendations of the German Federal Public Health Department (BGA). ALMATHERM pipes and fittings are in accordance to DVGW test standards, the German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water. Problematic spots like plastic-metal transitions are handles without compromise – they use metal components manufactured from highest –quality brass tubes and rods from Germany.