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Pegler Distributor in UAE

Are you looking for an authorized Pegler Distributor in UAE to buy all your Pegler Valves requirements in one place? Junaid Group is the authorized Pegler Distributor in UAE by maintaining trust. Not only trust but also the quality of Pegler materials that we supply.

Top Pegler Distributor – UAE

Junaid Group has been leading the UAE market as the top Pegler Valves in Dubai’s sanitary division for more than 27 years. We are very well aware of the market. And we can understand the customer requirements. In short, this makes us stand out in the market. We have been strongly recommending Pegler products for major construction companies and private builders.

Why Pegler Valves Products?

Pegler products are premium in quality and most of the products come with 5 years warranty. Their products are made with advanced UK technology. They guarantee water saving of up to 60% and after-sales services. An aerator is a key component of every Valve, which is integrated into the spout at the front and forms the water jet. The usage of aerators makes it possible to achieve a water saving of 60% at the Valves. Moreover limits the flow of water to a considerable level. All Pegler Valves fittings have inbuilt aerators that make them possible to adjust the jet angle directly on the fitting itself.

Pegler headquarters is located in the Emirate of Garoud. They manufacture high-quality Pegler Valves with timeless and modern designs. Moreover, it is combined with the best UK technology and quality-ensuring processes. Pegler is providing long-lasting bathroom fittings, which are satisfying many customers in the Middle East, South Asia, and Africa. In order to constantly guarantee the high standard of our product we use carefully selected, well-established European suppliers. Above all, highly skilled employees check everything before leaving the factory. That is to say, to ensure a UK quality standard.

For inquiries, contact us at & +971 56 411 0394

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