Junaid World serves as No.1 GI pipes supplier UAE offering a huge portfolio that suit every application. Our products ranging from super compact indoor to outdoor GI pipes and fittings. Many renowned brands around the world have been certified as the authorized supplier and reseller. Above all, we ensure that every GI pipes and fittings we provide is of premium quality, professionalism and focus on customer satisfaction, which remains the backbone of our company.

We are the Leading GI Pipe Suppliers in UAE with huge stock available in our warehouse. We have all kind of GI Pipe Fittings in stock.

Authorized GI Supplier in UAE -Junaid

Above all, our consultants help contractors and customers to suggest the right GI pipes and fittings for their requirement. Most importantly, our 25+ years of experience in UAE is an advantage to our customers in getting the right product for their specific needs. An important consideration when buying a GI pipe and fittings is its durability, warranty and safety. That is to say, this is where the Jazeera and Thai Malleable brands excels over the competition. Not only are Jazeera GI pipes and Thai Malleable fittings beautifully designed, but comes with a 1 year warranty and 25 years guarantee. In other words, Jazeera and TM are the global experts in GI pipes and fittings providing high quality solutions.

This share holding company constitutes investment of Global buyout, a wing of Global Investment House (GIH) of Kuwait and also a majority of Omani nationals. Al Jazeera has become one of the leading GI pipe & structural products manufacturers in the Middle East. Junaid Group is the leading Jazeera GI pipe suppliers in UAE


The pipe plant is equipped with state-of-the-art machines and fool-proof high pressure hydro testing machines. The plant also has sufficient handling facilities, both EOT and mobile cranes supported by pipe conveyer systems.


The Thai Malleable Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. was founded in Thailand. Firstly, the main aim was to fill the gap on the absence in the market place of locally produced GI pipe fittings. Further, the company’s objective was to produce high-quality products at an economical price for Thai Customers.

From the year 1970 until now, the company has been exporting to the major countries of the world to satisfy the needs of international customers. Junaid Group is the leading GI pipes supplier UAE.

Leading GI Pipes Supplier in UAE – Junaid

Junaid has been established as the leading GI pipes supplier UAE with 45,000+ warehouse storage space. Carrying a legacy of 25 years, we provide a reliable and healthy business channel partnership for the supply of plumbing materialssanitary wareswater heatersvalves fittingsmanhole covers, and copper pipes & fittings. Offering the widest range of products and services at competitive prices, we are the preferred choice for our customers.